Introducing the FlashBit Ambassador Program

5 min readMay 29, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FlashBit Ambassador Program, a new initiative designed to help our most dedicated supporters promote and expand the reach of FlashBit.

FlashBit is making significant strides in the GambleFi industry. With over 88,000 members, our goal is to become the leading protocol for all speculative activities. Our three main product offerings on Mainnet will include casino games, prediction markets, and fantasy sports.

Leveraging Blast’s yield generation and fee reclaim utility, we’ve structured our platform to offer minimal rakes and the redistribution of gas fees based on betting activity.

This framework ensures a cost-efficient user experience, thus reducing barriers to entry for on-chain gambling. By mitigating commissions and gas fees, our aim is to emulate the smooth operation of web2 gambling platforms, all while adhering to principles of transparency and fairness.

We’re seeking passionate influencers to help amplify the FlashBit message. Whether you’re a creator, event planner, moderator, visionary, or simply enthusiastic about our mission, we invite you to join us! If you’re dedicated to expanding the FlashBit ecosystem and uncovering the full potential of our products, we extend a warm invitation to be part of our team.

Who Can Join?

Considering joining us? Fantastic! Here’s what makes an ideal Flash Ambassador:

  • Good Social Presence: Maintain a strong base of social media followers, with a minimum of 3,000 on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, or Reddit.
  • Passion: Exhibit genuine enthusiasm for FlashBit’s vision and mission.
  • Community Spirit: Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with a talent for building and engaging online communities.
  • Clear Communicator: Demonstrate the ability to clearly convey FlashBit’s value proposition to diverse audiences.
  • Creative Spark: Showcase a knack for innovative ideas to promote FlashBit and enhance the user experience.
  • Dedication: Display a willingness to consistently contribute time and talents to the growth of the FlashBit ecosystem.

What Are You Going To Do?

As a Flash Ambassador, you will be more than just a supporter; you will be an advocate, educator, and leader.

You will play a crucial role in:

  • Spreading the FlashBit Vibe: Share FlashBit’s vision and value with everyone, from crypto pros to newbies.
  • Building the Hype: Create a buzzing, supportive community for FlashBit fans and players.
  • Guiding the Rookies: Help new users get the hang of FlashBit and make the most of it.

What Can You Earn?

🎁 Flash Ambassadors enjoy numerous perks, including: 💲💰💸

  • Lucrative Rewards: Access to rewards in the upcoming FlashBit token.
  • Whitelist Spots: Get on the whitelist for the FlashBit LBE.
  • Exclusive NFT: Claim your unique Galxe NFT.
  • VIP Access: Exclusive Discord role and private chat with core contributors.
  • Regional Leader: Represent FlashBit in your region.
  • Elite Network: Connect with a network of select community leaders.
  • Ambassador Group: Join the exclusive FlashBit Ambassador Group.
  • Career Path: Pathway to become a FlashBit Core Contributor.
  • GambleFi Pioneer: Be part of the next big thing in GambleFi.
  • Referral Bonuses: Earn bonuses for successful referrals and top-notch program performance.

How Can You Join The Program

Round 1: May 29 — June 30

1️⃣ Getting Started

2️⃣ Performance Standards

  • Stay Active: Engage regularly on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and YouTube. Complete at least 15 tasks weekly.
  • Knowledge is Power: Provide accurate and clear answers to user questions, guiding them through FlashBit.
  • Bridge the Gap: Translate essential information and announcements for local channels.
  • Quality Matters: Submit high-quality work. Inadequate work will not be approved and will be sent back for revisions.
  • Customized Tasks: Suggest new or customized tasks tailored to your audience/region. We will work with you to implement the strategies you feel are best suited to your audience/region!

3️⃣ Onboarding/Off-boarding

The FlashBit Ambassadors Program is a rolling program. Ambassadors who do not meet the minimum task requirements (15 tasks per week) or performance standards will be off-boarded. Off-boarding scenarios include:

  • Tasks: Failing to complete 15 tasks in a week.
  • Communication: Being unresponsive within 48 hours on two separate occasions.
  • Low Engagement: Posting content that receives unusually low engagement regularly.

Ambassadors who have not completed at least 15 tasks by the end of each week will receive an orange alert!

Active Ambassadors in Round 1 may be considered for Round 2. The FlashBit team will select the most active and impactful Ambassadors to advance.

Round 2: Coming soon!

Ambassador Advice

  • Bring the Heat: Show your real passion for FlashBit — let your excitement be contagious.
  • Flex Your Skills: Highlight your unique talents and how they’ll level up the community.
  • Innovate and Elevate: Think outside the box and pitch those game-changing ideas.
  • Hone Your Hustle: Practice your pitch and be ready to ace any questions that come your way.
  • Stay in the Game: Keep active and engaged — consistency is key to winning big.


Join the FlashBit Ambassador Program and become part of the dynamic community shaping the future of GambleFi on Blast! If you’re passionate about FlashBit’s vision and eager to make a difference, join us today.

Head over to our Discord for more information and to get started. We can’t wait to welcome you!




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